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Clinical Trial Portrays HIV Drugs Unproductive Against COVID 19

Clinical trial portrays HIV drugs unproductive against COVID 19. A group of doctors and researchers in China has discovered that drugs that are influential in curing patients. The group explains the clinical trial they carried out with patients in Wuhan China and what they assimilated from it.
Presently it was noted that viruses that cause COVID 19 and HIV both require an enzyme known as a protease to be contagious. And before the research has discovered that protease determents lopinavir and ritonavir are impactful in curing HIV patients which engenders to wonder if they may also be impactful against SARS-CoV2 the virus accountable for COVID 19 infections. To discover if that may be the instance the team in Wuhan commenced a clinical trial.
The trial included allocating 199 patients with progressive cases of COVID 19 to one of two groups, one group sustained normal care, the alternative normal care plus management of lopinavir and ritonavir. To conclude 94 of the patients were provided with protease inhibitors. Regrettably, the researchers discovered no advantage in using drugs. Those administered with the drug did not fare better as compared to those who were not.
However, there were some cautions. Elementally all of the patients were in the advanced stages of illnesses which rendered it improbable that any therapy might assist them. Subsequently, the trial size was extremely compact.