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What is the Delaware Minimum Wage?

If you are considering moving because of the cost of living or wages, it is important to research what the state Department of Labor has to say. While many people are pushing for a minimum wage of $ 15 an hour, it is currently still at $ 7.25 an hour. However, many states have different minimum wage laws. What is the Delaware Minimum Wage? Let's have a look…

The federal minimum wage

The federal minimum wage sets an absolute minimum that employers must meet in order to pay employees. However, there are several ways to bypass minimum wage requirements that employers often use. For example, in North Carolina, it is legal for restaurant owners to pay their waiters less than the minimum because the waiters tip.

This and other laws may vary from state to state. For this reason, it is important to know what your minimum wage is, especially if you are planning a move. What is the Delaware Minimum Wage?

What is the Delaware Minimum Wage?

The minimum wage in Delaware is higher than some other US states. According to the Delaware Department of Labor website, the minimum wage in 2021 is $ 9.25 an hour. There is also an hourly apprenticeship wage of $ 8.75 per hour allowed during the first 90 working days. This puts the minimum weekly wage for a full-time employee (40 hours) at $ 370 per week and $ 19,240 per year. There are a few loopholes, however.

For example, people who are tipped can only be paid $ 2.23 an hour in Delaware. With regard to tips, employers must not accept any portion of an employee's tips unless permitted by law. In addition, the pooling of tips is permitted, but must not exceed 15% of the amount actually received by the employee.

There are other exceptions to the Delaware minimum wage as well. They can be paid below the hourly minimum wage who works in certain positions in agriculture and domestic services. Voluntary workers, fishermen, summer camp counselors and inmates are not guaranteed a minimum wage in the state either. Disabled employees and student employees can also be paid below the minimum wage, provided the employer has the appropriate approval from the state government.

Cost of Living in Delaware

When it comes to the cost of living in Delaware compared to the rest of the US, the minimum wage requirements reflect this pretty well. Delaware is about 10% more expensive than the US national average. In general, most goods and services in the state cost a little more than average. For example, if you're looking to buy a tube of toothpaste in Delaware, it costs anywhere from $ 2.82 to $ 3.47. The national average is $ 2.45. Movie tickets are on average about a dollar more expensive each.

Groceries are also more expensive. For example, ground beef costs around $ 3.80 a pound. In Delaware, the price is closer to $ 4.30 a pound. Potatoes, milk and other items

When it comes to housing, the median home value in Delaware is $ 237,000. The median rental price is USD 1,350. Additionally, the average price for utilities across the state is $ 422 per month. Given this information, if you had a full-time minimum wage job in Delaware, you wouldn't be able to rent an apartment (in the mid-range), pay utility bills, and not eat.

Of course there are some things that can be controlled. You may find a cheaper place to rent or you can be economical with utilities. However, you should always make sure that your housing costs are never more than 28% of your total income.

Readers, before moving, did you do any extra research to find out what the cost of living, minimum wage and other things would be like in your new home?

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